Summer 2021 Updates

Mariah Brandon

Aug 16, 2021

We've been busy!

Summer 2021 has been busy at Tangibles That Teach! We have taken customer feedback and applied it to to our products.

1) Our TRECS is completely updated! We have simplified the hardware, made the project easier to assemble, and more reliable. The system is designed to be able to be used with an ESP32 or Raspberry Pi, and for the Fall of 2021 all kits will include a Raspberry Pi. In addition, the kit will be set up to allow for for optional add-ons to broaden its uses. Look for these updated kits to start shipping out on September 1.

2) This fall we are also unveiling software that is user-friendly. The user will see a dashboard where they can input variables and see data collected in real time from their project. This software will be applied to current and upcoming products.

3) We have developed a new kit to demonstrate soil liquefaction of a water table on a small scale. This kit demonstrates the phenomenon while also allowing for data collection. Look for more updates on this in early September!

4) Our users manuals are all being hosted on GitBook to allow for a more streamlined, and user-friendly experience. This will allow manuals and textbooks to be updated in real time by the author, and will make using them more manageable by the readers.

We hope you are as excited for Fall of 2021 as we are, and we hope that our products are a fun addition to your semester!