T-RECS Version 2.0

T-RECS Version 2.0


Transportable Rotorcraft Electronic Control System


Designed for learning and testing control theory, the TRECS is the perfect tool for classrooms, remote learning, or research settings.   


This project comes as a kit for you to assemble, wood glue and a clamp are required.  All kits now come fully soldered. 


There is a link to the manual on the "downloads" page of this website.  It will walk you through assembly steps, system dynamics modeling, PID gain control calculation, and even technical report expectations.   If  you are using this project in a class, please check with your instructor for what deliverables are expected for your specific class. 


Please note, your bank statement will show Wix.com or PayPal.com. Please choose "TRECS" box option for shipping. 

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